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Our services touch the lives of every Hertfordshire resident, business and community. As the democratically accountable authority covering the whole of the county, we act as an advocate on residents’ behalf, provide leadership and deliver a huge variety of services that make a difference to people’s lives. We offer support to Hertfordshire’s schools to ensure children get a good start in life; we safeguard and promote the welfare of children, we help people to live healthier, resilient lives and look after people as they get older. We run services such as libraries and fire and rescue and we maintain the roads and dispose of household waste.

The last few years have been particularly challenging for local government. We have had to reduce our spending by £250 million since 2010/11 whilst protecting the services that are important. It is possible that the grant we receive from Government from national taxation will be phased out and increasingly our services will have to be funded solely from council tax, business rates and fees. To meet the ongoing financial challenge we are confident we can deliver some further savings by continuing to find efficiencies, by thinking differently about how we design and deliver services, by working better and more closely in partnership and by intervening earlier. There are also significant pressures due to the changing nature of our population as many people are living longer and need more care in older age. We can’t stand still. To meet the challenges ahead requires us to continue to improve the way we work and our services in the coming years. A key focus will be the development of prevention strategies to influence residents’ behaviour in a way that helps prevent, reduce or delay demands on public services while still meeting genuine need for the citizens of Hertfordshire.

Political Composition

There are 78 county councillors, who are elected every four years.

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